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One-on-One Private Workouts

Timofey Mozgov - Denver NuggetsThe one-on-one private workout sessions are designed to provide the player with the fundamentals and basketball skills that are needed to accomplish success on the Professional, College, and High School level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a NBA Veteran or a high school player, the workouts are designed to improve your skill set and overall game.


Proper footwork (offensively & defensively), combination dribbles, individual moves, off the dribble/stationary shooting, moving without basketball, transition offense & defense, penetration & transition passing, rebounding positioning, offensive & defensive reads, post moves, etc.

Players must be willing to work and have a strong desire to improve their overall game. It doesn’t matter what level you are at right now. The private training sessions will help you bring your game to the next level.

Fess Irvin is considered by many as one of the best operating in player development. He has served as a personal coach for some of the top players throughout the US and International market.

Rules for Individual Workouts:

1. Players must report 10 minutes before scheduled workout time
2. Parents will not be allowed to talk to players during workout
3. No cursing is permitted by the player or Fess Irvin
4. Payment for 10 training sessions must be paid in advance

Josh Mayo - Sutor Montegranaro, Italy

“His ability to develop individual talent is staggering. I have had the opportunity to see several sessions, I see why there are players coming from other countries to work with him. This is basketball development at the highest level."

Cliff Baptist (Gulf Coast Recruiting)
“The workouts and teaching are unmatchable. His patience, vision, and basketball IQ for the player is exceptional. I learned more in 2 sessions than I did in a whole summer of camps. My overall game has improved tremendously.”
Robert Shannon (Point Guard Sam Houston State)

NBA Player Private Workouts

Roderique Beaubois / NBA Dallas MavericksThe NBA PLAYERS PRIVATE WORKOUT PROGRAM is a very effective development tool for the current NBA player who is looking to improve his game throughout the season. The program is designed to monitor and improve the player’s development throughout the season.

The private workouts are ideal for NBA General Managers or NBA Agents who are looking for a private development coach for their players throughout season. Fess Irvin is a well established development coach with an exceptional basketball IQ for all 5 positions.

The private workout sessions are arranged by Fess, the agent, and the player. As a personal development coach, Fess Irvin is available for travel to the NBA Player/Agent workout site.

For more information, please contact Fess to discuss the availability and program details.

 Pre-Draft Workouts

Trey Johnson-New Orleans HornetsThe NBA Pre-Draft Private Workouts are designed for players who are entering the NBA draft.  The program is a very effective tool for the agent that is looking to prepare his player/client for the upcoming NBA individual team workouts and the NBA Pre-Draft Camp.   The private development program will improve a player’s overall individual game and improve his overall condition.  The player will be one-on-one with Fess.

 The player will participate in two private workouts a day.  The workout s will not only prepare the player for on court play, but will also increase the player’s fundamental skills and conditioning.  The workouts are designed to fit the specific needs of the player.  Everything that an NBA team will require the player to do will be worked on.  This is an ideal situation for the player before he enters the NBA pre-draft camp or NBA individual workouts. 

The NBA Pre-Draft Private Workout programs are planned by Fess, the agent and the player.


Private Team Workouts




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