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Dallas, Texas
United States

Fess Irvin Basketball Services is a basketball consulting firm specializing in complete player development.


Professional Players

ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE WORKOUTS: The one-on-one private workout sessions are designed to provide the professional player with the basketball skills that are needed to maximize his game and earnings potential on the professional level. A development strategy is implemented to specifically target those areas in which the player must improve. Players must be willing to work hard and have a strong desire to improve their overall game.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an NBA All-Star or a rookie, the private workout sessions will help you to maximize your game.
— Fess Irvin

PRIVATE PERSONAL COACH: NBA players and agents who are looking for a private development coach for their players throughout the year can hire Fess as their personal coach. This is a great way for players to stay on top of their development while maximizing their full earnings potential. This program is designed to monitor, evaluate, and improve the players development throughout the year.  Fess Irvin is a well-established development coach with an exceptional basketball IQ for all 5 positions.

For more information, please contact Fess to discuss availability and program details

CONSULTING: NBA and international basketball organizations that are looking to develop their players throughout the year can contract Fess Irvin as a consultant for their organization.  Player consultations are also available at scheduled times. If you need help or direction with your basketball career, please click here to schedule a 1-hour private consultation with Fess Irvin.

PLAYER SCOUTING/LOCATING: International teams that are looking to sign a high quality player can use this service to scout and evaluate a player.  The teams can hire Fess Irvin Basketball Services to locate and scout players for their team.  The clubs are able to get a detailed evaluation on a player that can be useful for their decision-making.  This service is a huge asset to professional clubs internationally.

For more information, please contact Fess to discuss the availability and program details.