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Dallas, Texas
United States

Fess Irvin Basketball Services is a basketball consulting firm specializing in complete player development.


Elite Amateur Players

FESS IRVIN BASKETBALL ACADEMY: The basketball academy will operate throughout the year and will be designed for elite amateur players on the high school level who exhibit the potential to play at the college level.  The players will be offered annual memberships into the academy by invitation only.  The academy will focus primarily on basketball skills development in order for the players to have an opportunity to gain a full college basketball scholarship.


Skills Development - Players will receive year-round high level skills training. The players will be monitored and evaluated throughout their high school career.

 Areas covered during the skills development sessionsProper footwork (offensively & defensively), combination dribbles, individual moves, off the dribble/stationary shooting, moving without basketball, transition offense & defense, penetration & transition passing, rebounding positioning, offensive & defensive reads, post moves, ball screen action (offensively/defensively), etc.

Academic Support - Players will be required to perform in the classroom. Fess Irvin Basketball Services will monitor and assist the players with their academic development throughout their high school career. Players must be qualified for Division I level basketball.

Direct Marketing - Fess Irvin Basketball Services will provide the player with a complete college marketing strategy plan. The goal is for the player to earn a full four year fully paid scholarship to study their field of interest.